Thursday, 22 October 2015


Hi! my name is Clarissa (commonly referred to as Clary). I am a 16 year old TY student from Ireland and this my TY blog. 

Transition year has been amazing so far, full of unforgettable experiences and great memories. 
 I made this blog in order to share some of these experiences with you! In this blog i will post about all the different things that we do in TY. I will share with you all the fun and unforgettable things that I have done so far and also the exciting things that have yet come!

So far we have gone on so many trips and have done so many exciting things that i will go into in more detail in separate blog posts to come.

I may also post things relating to my interests such as art, literature and theatre, expect to see this and more in my future blog posts.
I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and keep watch for future posts.

~clary xx 

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